Andaman Nicobar, Islands,Port Blair, India

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Chatham Saw Mill

Andaman Chatham Saw Mill - Port Blair

Chatham Saw Mill (Port Blair)

The legacy of Chatham Saw Mill stated in 1789, with the arrival of Lt. Archibald Blair in Port Blair in his vessel Viper to establish a British settlement here. The ''Viper'' crashed near a small Island, which is now named after it as Viper Island and late he set his foot on Chatham Island. Chatham Island lies in close proximity to Viper Island. He began the survey from Chatham Island with an aim of establishing the British footholds on the islands. Thus Port Blair was used as a safe place to deport the hard-core convicts. Later, a 100 meter long bridge was constructed out of timber from Port Blair to Chatham. This historic bridge was later renovated to a modern bridge as existing today using concrete.

Chatham Saw Mill is one of the prime attractions in the capital, Port Blair, of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Being one of the biggest and oldest in Asia, this structure has witnessed a lot of history. Constructed by the colonial regime in 1883, this was the main source of timber, with their raw material being obtained from the dense forests which surrounded the Chatham Island. The mill was destroyed during the rule of the Japanese, who had invaded the islands during World War II and bombed it. The island was then reclaimed after World War II and soon, the mill saw its rebirth once people started settling down in the islands and civilizations started spreading. The functioning of the mill is one of great precision and is a treat to watch. The Museum set within the surroundings of the mill, has got a great collection of wood based work and carvings that take our breath away with the intricate designing which is done on it.

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