Andaman Nicobar, Islands,Port Blair, India

Monday-Saturday : 9:00 AM to 8:00 PMSunday : Closed

Sea Wlking

Andaman Sea Walking

Surely you have heard that the coral reefs of Andaman are clear, crystal-ish and breathtaking. How about going down and seeing it for yourself?

Sea walking is a fascinating experience, and for that matter, easy to do so too. Even if you don't know to swim, it is not going to pose a problem for you here, for sea walking is as easy as it comes. Unearth the mysteries of the underwater world, as you take a tour on the ocean bed, and walk past fishes of exotic colours that swim around you in swarms.

A team of professional scuba divers, sea walking instructors and underwater photographers join together in the beautiful Andamans, to provide this sea walking experience, which is the first and only sea walking franchise in India! Your, friendly instructors would meet you at the Sports Jetty or Junglighat Jetty at Port Blair, at any of the multiple time slots that are available for you to choose according to your convenience. From here, you would take a 20-minute ferry ride to North Bay, to a small boat that would be waiting to take you to the middle of the sea, where the sea walking pontoon lay. After a brief training session on how to walk and communicate under water, you would don the gear and get ready for the magic.

All safety equipment and helmets will be given to you by your host, who would be accompanying you to guide you through, as well as to help take your photographs. Deep within, in the silence of the sea, all you hear would be your own breath, and you would behold a world so magical, so mysterious - a world that you might have wondered about while watching 'The Little Mermaid' or 'Finding Nemo'. Discover a new world, a world of colourful corals, colonies of the tiny marine animals like the fire goby, oriental sweetlips, parrotfish, thorn starfishes and more, during your 20 minutes of walking underwater. And at the end of it all, collect photos from your host that immortalizes your magic moments for you!

If you are a first timer in the underwater world, sea walking would be a perfect way to start with it now. 20-minutes of strolling on the seabed... an experience of a lifetime - that's what sea walking is all about!